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Thursday, July 26, 2012

U.N.’s Richard Falk accuses “the organized Jewish community” of crimes against Palestinians

U.N.’s Richard Falk accuses “the organized Jewish community” of crimes against Palestinians

The U.N. Human Rights Council’s Richard Falk is now accusing “the organized Jewish community” of being “responsible for the massive and enduring confiscation of Palestinian land and rights.” This is only the latest of a series of Richard Falk outrages exposed by UN Watch. Below is the letter faxed today to President Obama and other world leaders and high U.N. officials demanding an immediate condemnation.
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The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
United States of America
Dear President Obama,
With profound regret—and moral outrage—we are obliged to inform you that a representative of the United Nations Human Rights Council has breached his responsibility to uphold the high standards required by that world body.
Once again, Richard Falk, the UNHRC’s Special Rapporteur for the permanent investigation of “Israel’s violations of the bases and principles of international law,” has published racist remarks against Jews and Judaism.

Last week, on 20 July, writing in the same blog where he posted an anti-Semitic cartoon that was condemned last year by British Prime Minister David Cameron, U.N. High Commissioner for Human rights Navi Pillay, and your representative to the U.N., the Human Rights Council’s Special Rapporteur Falk accused “the organized Jewish community,” as well as the U.S. government, of being “responsible for the massive and enduring confiscation of Palestinian land and rights.”  (See “For What,” R. Falk, 20 July 2012, at
This absurd and slanderous collective accusation, reproduced in the Palestine Chronicle and on numerous websites, constitutes classic anti-Semitism. Moreover, by attempting to blame Jewish communities everywhere for alleged crimes against Palestinians, Mr. Falk effectively provides an international warrant for terrorism, employing the language and logic used by those who carry out attacks against Jewish community centers, synagogues and schools worldwide.
Mr. Falk published his anti-Semitic libel on the same day that Israel was burying the victims of last Wednesday’s brutal attack against Israeli Jewish tourists in Bulgaria, and on the same day a British court sentenced two homegrown terrorists to prison for planning attacks against Jewish communities in Manchester.
Mr. Falk was also surely aware that when Mohammed Merah opened fire on Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse, on 19 March, it was out of the conviction, in his words, that “The Jews kill our brothers and sisters in Palestine.” When Mr. Falk points an accusing finger at “the organized Jewish community” for alleged crimes against Palestinians, he willy-nilly uses his high United Nations position to encourage such attacks.
Second, all of this comes as Mr. Falk is also providing the cover endorsement for the book “The Wandering Who,” replete with attacks against Israel, Jews and Judaism. The material is so extreme that 20 anti-Zionist activists, including Omar Barghouti and Electronic Intifada founder Ali Abunimah, denounced the book and its author for racism and anti-Semitism. During the July debates of the UNHRC, on behalf of UN Watch I challenged Mr. Falk about his leading promotion of this tract, but he refused to respond.
Notwithstanding the fact that Mr. Falk’s latest article dwells at length on his U.N. position, and that his book endorsement lists the same, his defenders will no doubt claim, as they have done before, that these racist remarks were published “in his personal capacity.”
Given that his previous such attempts to evade responsibility failed to block the condemnations of him by your Administration, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other world figures, I have no doubt that you will speak out and denounce these latest instances of incitement to racism on the part of Mr. Falk, who, in many respects, embodies the ongoing bias and bigotry of the body he represents, the U.N. Human Rights Council.
To ensure that your message is heard loud and clear in Geneva and around the world, we urge your government to request that your statement be circulated as an official document of the UNHRC at the upcoming September session.
The cause of human rights and the founding principles of the United Nations must not be subverted. Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.
Hillel C. Neuer
Executive Director
UN Watch

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Israel Commemorates Munich 11

LONDON — Complaining that the Olympic movement is still ignoring their pain, Israelis marked the 40th anniversary of the Munich massacre on Sunday with a modest service in the atrium of a London apartment block.
Prayers were read for the 11 murdered Israelis, wreaths were laid for them and a plaque unveiled about four miles (six kilometers) from the Olympic Stadium.
However, there will be no minute of silence for them at Friday’s opening ceremony.
“The International Olympic Committee have a moral commitment to commemorate the 11 athletes, coaches and referees,” Israeli Olympic Committee secretary general Efraim Zinger said. “Not because they were Israelis, but because they were Olympians and were murdered during the Olympic Games.
“It’s been 40 years since that dreadful day and I hope that the day will come that the IOC will recognize all 11 athletes as victims and find the proper way to commemorate their memory.”
IOC President Jacques Rogge reiterated Saturday that the opening ceremony was not an appropriate arena to remember the dead despite pressure from politicians in the United States, Israel and Germany.
In talks over several years with Israeli officials, the IOC has not been able to agree to a suitable way of remembering the slain athletes at each games, according to Zinger.
“The frustrating fact is that until now, none of the alternative ways to commemorate was practiced,” Zinger said.
Rogge does plan to honor the dead at a reception in London during the games on Aug. 6. IOC officials will also attend a ceremony in Germany on the anniversary of the attack on Sept. 5 at the military airfield of Furstenfeldbruck, where most of the Israelis died.
The tranquility of the Munich Games was shattered in the second week when eight members of the Black September militant group penetrated the laxly secured Olympic Village and took Israeli team members hostage. A day later, all 11 were dead.
Ben Helfgott, who was at the 1972 Olympics, said at Sunday’s commemorations that the memorial service immediately after the massacre was “trivialized” because the murders of the competitors was equated with the deaths of the terrorists.
In front of a tightly packed audience featuring a relative of one victim, London Mayor Boris Johnson recalled watching the events unfold as an 8-year-old child in England.
“What sticks in my mind is that sense of sacrilege and a feeling of horror that the world’s greatest sporting event should suffer such an attack, and that an attack should be mounted against people who had been training for what should have been the greatest event in their lives,” Johnson said. “And I think the world watched with a sense of numb disbelief as those events unfolded because sport should transcend politics.
“It should bring out the best in the human race. It should draw people together in admiration for achievement and for effort. And yet some people chose to profane that great celebration and to cut short the lives of 11 innocent (people).”
Johnson said he hoped the Olympics, which run until Aug. 12, are only remembered for sporting endeavors and that athletes of all faiths are able to “unite in a city that unites the world.”
But the games are starting against a backdrop of security fears surrounding the Israeli delegation, featuring 38 athletes.
Israel is on the alert for plots targeting its citizens overseas after five Israelis vacationing in Bulgaria were killed in a suicide bombing last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.
“Unfortunately we are part of a very distinguished list of countries” whose teams are susceptible to attack, Zinger said. “We have to live with it.”

Rob Harris can be reached at

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Days Of Jews In Islamized Europe

Last Days of Jews in Islamized Europe

By Giulio Meotti

A few days ago, security guards were patrolling the streets near Rome’s Jewish school with metal detectors, searching for possible explosive devices. Rome’s largest synagogue, one of the oldest in the world, today looks like a military outpost, with private guards and policemen at every corner. The Jewish school is also a “sterilized area,” protected by bodyguards and cameras, the windows plumbed with iron grates. I saw the same in the Jewish homes of Hebron and in the schools of Sderot, the Israeli city bombed by Hamas.
The March attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse, which resembled that of Itamar (when an Israeli father, mother and three children were slaughtered in their beds by a Palestinian commando), triggered “an explosion” of anti-Semitic attacks across France. According with the Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive, more than 90 anti-Semitic incidents took place in France only in the 10 days that followed the shooting, which left four people dead. In total, 148 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in March and April. It’s an anti-Semithic pandemonium totally silenced by the European media.
Anti-Semitism raises again its head in estern Europe. During the Holocaust, Europe dispatched its Jews to the gas chambers. Seventy years later, in the welfarist, multicultural and semi-Islamicized Europe, Jews have again come under attack. Enclaves of ultra-Orthodox Jews will likely survive in the main cities, but Jewish life as such has no future in Europe.
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, the world’s leading Talmudic scholar, delivered this apocalyptic vision: “The Jewish community in Europe is dying.” All the recent polls say that a third of Europeans show very high levels of anti-Semitism, while over half of Europeans view the State of Israel as “the greatest threat to world peace.”
For as comfortable as life might be in the arrondissements of Paris, the situation for the Jews will only worsen. A few days ago, Jews were nearly lynched in Lyon by an Arab mob armed with hammers and yelling “dirty Jews.” That’s why in the past few years, the number of French Jews immigrating to Israel has doubled. Hundreds of French Jews have bought apartments in Israel. It’s their “pied-a-terre” in case the situation gets darker in Europe. “Jews in France, you are in ranger, your place is in Israel,” read some banners brandished by French-Israelis during a ceremony in Tel Aviv honoring the victims of the pogrom of Toulouse.
A few years ago, the UK paper Daily Telegraph ran a story under the title: “Is this the last generation of British Jews?”. The Jewish population in the United Kingdom, threatened by Melanie Phillips’ “Londonistan,” will decline to 240,000 in 2020, 180,000 in 2050, and 140,000 in 2080.
The President of Austria’s Israelite Community, Ariel Muzicant, warns that the Jewish Community is also dying out: “If a miracle doesn’t happen soon, the Jewish community in Austria will no longer exist in the foreseeable future.” In Sweden, a country described by The Guardian as “the greatest success the world has known,” Jews are leaving big cities such as Malmö due to security reasons, in order to escape anti-Semitic attacks.
Sixty percent of Dutch Jews are ready to pack up and leave the country. The cause is a boom of Islamic antisemitism in the famous multicultural Netherlands. Benjamin Jacobs, the country’s chief rabbi, declared to Arutz Sheva that “the future for Dutch Jewry is moving to Israel”.
Jews are fleeing Antwerp, the city in Belgium once proudly called “the Northern Jerusalem.” Last autumn, the ancient synagogue of Weesp became the first synagogue in Europe since the Second World War to cancel Shabbat services due to threats to the safety of the faithful. There are more than 1,000 Jews in Oslo, but you never see them. Not one. Today anti-Semitic inscriptions are being drawn on building walls in Marseille, Nottingham, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Kiev, Barcelona and Rome. Jewish cemeteries are daily ransacked and Jews are attacked on the streets if they wear the kippahs.
Europe is again approaching, as many prefer to avert their eyes, the horrible paroxysm of Jew-hatred that plunged the continent into its XX century abyss. In the current denationalized, universalist, third-worldist and secularized Europe, Zionism is casted as the cause of anti-Semitism, Bruxelles’ officials see the bombing of a synagogue in Paris as a reprisal for an Israeli incursion into Gaza, European ministers and MPs more and more call the Israelis “the new Nazis,” anti-Semitism is fading from the general consciousness and “Islamophobia” is declared the worst racism. In the old Europe that abandoned the internationalism of the proletariat for the transnationalism of the Islamic umma, there is no space for the Jews. Europe’s Arabized cosmopolitanism cultivates the fantasy of removing Israel from the Middle East. But Europe first will forsake and abandon its own post-Holocaust Jews. Only after Israel’s destruction the Jews will be allowed to return to their homeless status in France, England, Sweden, Germany. In Warsaw they might rebuild the ghetto, while from Baghdad to Haifa tens of thousands of miles will be covered only by the voice of Al Jazeera.

The Bulgarian terror attack shows why we must honour the Munich 11 in London



Terrorists who attack civilian targets are cowards at the best of times. But killers such as those who blew up a bus carrying Israeli youth in the Bulgarian resort city of Burgas on Wednesday fall into a special category. They posture as “resistance” fighters willing to risk their lives to confront Israel. Yet they are unwilling to confront Israel’s military. So instead, they attack Jews where they are most defenceless — in places such as Europe, South America and South Asia, where Israel cannot defend them.
Terrorist attacks on Jews outside of Israel have been going on for decades. In 1976, for instance, pro-Palestinian terrorists hijacked an Air France flight to Uganda, and released all but the Jewish and Israeli passengers (the only exception being the non-Jewish pilot). In a famous operation, Israeli commandos rescued 102 of the hostages. (All the hijackers and four hostages died – including one whom Ugandan soldiers barbarically killed at a nearby hospital a day after the operation was over.) Since then, terrorists targeting Jews generally have avoided any possibility of rescue by simply slaughtering their targets outright.
Some of these operations were small. For instance, on July 4, 2002 — just over a decade ago — a lone pro-Palestinian terrorist named Hesham Mohamed Hadayet opened fire at the El Al ticket counter in Los Angeles International Airport, killing ticket agent Victoria Hen and Yaakov Aminov, a 47-year-old father of five.
Other attacks have generated much higher death tolls. In 1994, terrorists widely believed to be connected with Iran and its Hezbollah proxies bombed the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association building in Argentina, killing 85 people. That attack also took place on July 18, precisely 18 years before this week’s Bulgarian bombing — a fact that likely is no coincidence.
On Wednesday afternoon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that “Iran is responsible for the terror attack in Bulgaria.” While there is no publicly available proof of that claim, Tehran obviously is the number-one suspect. It is the world’s number-one state sponsor of terrorism, and its ruthless leaders — already pariahs except among such nations as Venezuela and Syria — feel they have little to lose given the country’s crumbling economy, and the harsh sanctions regime already in place. The intentions of Iran’s self-destructive leaders are difficult to scrutinize — especially since evidence has been emerging of competing power centers within the government in recent years — but one goal of such attacks may be to goad Israel into a first strike that serves to further push world opinion against the Jewish state.
Assuming Israel does not overreact, the Bulgarian attack likely will have the opposite effect: Increasing support for Israel on a continent that more usually is sympathetic to the Palestinians. From the point of view of Europeans, it is one thing to kills Jews in the West Bank. It is quite another to do so in a EU nation.
What is a proper response to the Bulgarian terrorist attack? Obviously, Bulgarian and Israeli officials will do their best to find the masterminds behind it, and roll up their cells. But beyond that, on a more symbolic level, it would be fitting if the incident prompted International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge to reconsider a proposal to observe a minute of silence at the 2012 London Olympics for the 11 Israelis slain by terrorists at the 1972 games in Munich.
According to Alex Gilady, an Israeli International Olympics Committee member, International Olympics officials believe a minute’s silence “may harm the unity of the Olympics” and “could cause some countries to boycott the Games.” But frankly, the Olympics would probably be a better event if nations such as Iran stayed home — thereby allowing us to avoid disgusting spectacles, as observed in the past, in which their athletes refuse to compete against Israelis, lest they be polluted by a Jew’s touch.
In any event, the Bulgarian attack shows that a memorial for the Munich 11 would not be a backward-looking political gesture; rather, it would serve as recognition that the scourge of human hatred, violence and cowardice that we call terrorism is a global human problem — faced by all the nations of the Olympiad. Yes, it was Jews killed in Munich — in very much the same bloodthirsty fashion as those killed this week in Bulgaria. But tomorrow it could be Christians, or Hindus, or Muslims.
Surely, the protection of all human life is consistent with the Olympic spirit — even if it is alien to the anti-Israeli butchers who performed Wednesday’s despicable terrorist act.
National Post
Jonathan Kay is Managing Editor for Comment at the National Post, and a fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Follow him on Twitter @jonkay.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Who cares about Arafat?

Op-ed: Al-Jazeera’s failed attempt to revive Arafat agenda highlights Arab apathy about Israel

Over the years, the Qatar-based al-Jazeera has become a self-declared spearhead in the Palestinian struggle against Israel, thereby making itself more Palestinian than the Palestinians themselves. This channel turned the death of Mohammad al-Dura, for example, into a clip aired every 15 minutes during the last Intifada, thereby inciting the Arab street and turning this Intifada into a pan-Arab and global affair.

However, over the past two years the network has had trouble accepting reality, whereby the Arab world is engaged in what truly threatens it: Poverty, unemployment, short life expectancy, the lowly quality of education for the next generation and the feeling of helplessness.

Hence, al-Jazeera started to artificially promote reports on the Palestinian issue in order to bring it back to the agenda. For example, it attempted to turn the issue of Palestinian prisoners into a provocative affair, by promoting a different detainee every time, yet to no avail.

The Arab world’s attention is no longer directed at the imagined reality promoted by al-Jazeera, that is, against Israel, but rather, at the truly burning issues. Therefore, the network decided to embark on a major campaign to change this.

The channel announced that for months its people have been working on an investigative report about Yasser Arafat’s death; this week, their sensational headlines revealed: Al-Jazeera discovered a radioactive substance, polonium, in Arafat’s clothing.

The report was prominently displayed on al-Jazeera’s television channel and website (the whole front page featured a huge photo.) Arafat’s widow, Suha, was rushed to the studios, and follow-up stories were prepared. For example, the life of Arafat, other people who died of polonium, remarks by Arafat’s daughter, and so on. Facebook and Twitter pages were also updated.

Outdated agenda  

Al-Jazeera officials smiled with satisfaction: They shall be shaking up the Middle East and restoring the old agenda. They did not blame Israel explicitly, but noted that only a state with a nuclear reactor can provide such a substance.

The result was embarrassing. News stories about Syria prompt hundreds of talkbacks on al-Jazeera’s website yet Arafat, despite the huge headlines, only elicited dozens of cool reactions. His widow received 10 responses, some of them insulting. Ahmed from Canada wrote: “Assad is burning Syria and slaughtering its people, and al-Jazeera prepares an investigative report about the death of Arafat 10 years ago? Please cover the distress of Syria’s citizens 24 hours a day.”

“I’m a Kurd from Kurdistan and I think that a Palestinian hand murdered Arafat,” another commentator wrote. “Is all of this done out of love for Arafat, or in order to topple someone else?” yet another reader wrote, hinting that al-Jazeera is planning to topple Mahmoud Abbas, who isn’t popular with network officials.

Even the responses to Suha Arafat were disparaging and venomous. One reader wrote: “Before demanding to exhume Arafat’s body, return the donation money you took.” Ouch. That’s not quite what al-Jazeera expected.

Another point of interest is the attitude of competing a television network, the Saudi al-Arabiya, to the report. In a brief story on its website (“Arafat doubts remain”) that was quickly removed, the network disparaged al-Jazeera’s report and hinted that this is old news. “Many Palestinians believe that he was poisoned,” al-Arabiya noted, quoting one official at the Swiss lab that did the tests for al-Jazeera saying that there is no decisive proof that Arafat was murdered.

Al-Jazeera, which aimed to restore the old Arab agenda, merely proved that it was an invented agenda to a large extend; an outdated agenda. This network, which wanted to lay a trap for Israel, fell in it itself and revealed its intentions. Instead of promoting agendas, al-Jazeera would do well to engage in the issues that truly bother and threaten Arab citizens. To its regret, these issues do not involve Israel.

Guy Bechor
Published: 07.06.12, 15:03 / Israel Opinion

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Help Win Justice for Lal Bibi

18 year-old Lal Bibi was kidnapped, raped, tortured and chained to a wall for five days by a gang of powerful Afghan police officers. But she stood up to do what women in Afghanistan are told not to -- she is fighting back, and together we can help her and all Afghan women win justice.
According to deep cultural mandates, as a raped woman, Lal Bibi has been "dishonoured" and will kill herself -- and she publicly says she must, unless her rapists are brought to justice to restore her honour and dignity. Afghanistan's justice system routinely fails to pursue these cases and so far the chief suspects in Lal Bibi's case have not been prosecuted, likely in the hopes that international attention will die down. Every day that passes without an arrest pushes Lal Bibi closer to suicide -- but there is hope.
This weekend, the US, UK, Japan and other major donors are expected to pledge 4 billion dollars to Afghanistan -- money that will pay for the very police forces responsible for Lal Bibi’s rape. But an international outcry can shame donor countries into action, conditioning their aid on real action to fight rape and protect women. We don't have much time left -- click below for change that could save Lal Bibi’s life and our petition will be delivered right into the donor conference in Tokyo:
Local custom in some parts of Afghanistan dictates that women are shamed by rape and must kill themselves to restore their family's honour for generations to come. Amazingly, Lal Bibi and her family courageously are seeking to save her life by insisting on the prosecution of her torturers and shifting the blame to the perpetrators, in society's eyes.
The Afghan police force responsible for the rape depends heavily on foreign funding that will be pledged this weekend, when all of Afghanistan’s major donors gather in Tokyo. Donor countries can and should require that funds are not spent to grow a police force that acts with appalling impunity and that police officers work to protect women, not attack them!
There are hundreds of women and girls all across Afghanistan who are subject to the “tribal justice” meted out to Lal Bibi. Thousands more are watching carefully to see how the Afghan government and the world will respond to the girl who is fighting back and refuses to die quietly. Let's stand with her -- sign the petition below and tell everyone:
The global war on women is relentless. But time and time again our community joins together to win. We helped stop the illegal stoning of Sakineh Ashtiani in Iran, and fought for justice for rape survivors in Libya, Morocco and Honduras. Let’s show the global power of our community to help win justice for Lal Bibi and millions of women in Afghanistan.
With hope and determination,
Dalia, Emma, Alaphia, Ricken, Laura, Antonia and the rest of the Avaaz team

P.S. Avaaz has launched Community Petitions, an exciting new platform where it's quick and easy to create a campaign on any issue you care strongly about. Start your own by clicking here:

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Darrell Issa: Traitor or Stooge?

 Jihad Darrell announced that terrorist group Hezbollah is legitimate and has never been involved with terrorist activities, according to the Tehran Times, IRNA (the official Iranian news agency), and the Beirut Daily Star.
Oh really? I guess he forgot about that insignificant event in the early ’80s, in which Hezbollah blew at least 241 U.S. Marines to bits in Beirut – not to mention several other Americans the group murdered between 1975 and 1990, for a total of at least 261 dead Americans. This charming organization committed the torture, murder and hanging display of the body of U.S. military attach? Col. Richard Higgins’ body. These are the monsters who kidnapped CIA Chief William Buckley in the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, transferred him to Iran, and tortured and bludgeoned him to death.
They are all turning over in their bloody graves, thanks to congressional useful idiot, Darrell Issa. Talk about aid and comfort to the enemy.
Then there’s that stubborn little fact that Hezbollah, Arabic for “Warriors for Allah,” or “Party of Allah” (hint: it’s not a birthday party), is one of the three major components of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network, according to the Wall Street Journal and countless other sources.
Jihad Darrell’s new Hezbollah buddies officially support “the use of hostages” and “suicide in jihad operations.” When the State Department released this year’s terrorist list, Hezbollah was on it – yet again. Hezbollah’s response: “We regard the hostile [act] of the American administration as proof that we are following the right path.” Hezbollah declares that, “it is the duty of all Muslims to engage in Islamic jihad if it ensures the ultimate goal, which consists in inflicting losses on the enemy.” That enemy is the West, particularly America. Maybe these were the “humanitarian” actions of Hezbollah that Jihad Darrell was quoted as praising.
“I have a great deal of sympathy for the work that Hezbollah tries to do,” he told the Beirut Daily Star. Hmmm. To which work is Jihad Darrell referring? Is it 1986 Hezbollah’s torturing to death of Ibrahim Benesti, aged 54, of Beirut, and his elderly relatives, Yehudah and Yosef, whose only crime was being Jewish? Benesti, whose family – like many Lebanese Jews – had been in Lebanon since 2,000 B.C. (before the birth of Mohammed), was a charitable and kindly candy store owner who gave free candy to children of all religions. Or maybe Jihad Darrell was referring to the “humanitarian” 1985 Hezbollah torture-murder of Isaac Tarab, 63, and Chaim Halala Cohen, 39, also guilty of being Jewish.
This man, Darrell Issa, is digusting.
More disgusting is that Issa was representing the House International Relations Committee on which he serves, leading a congressional delegation including Arab-American Congressman Nick Joe Rahall, D-Va.
And he hangs out with disgusting people. Issa partied with terrorist-in-chief Yasser Arafat, gushing over him as “a charismatic individual, despite being a very small man and very old. He gives you food off his plate if you sit next to him.”
Political consultant and columnist, Michael Andreen, an Issa constituent, is outraged, saying it’s time for apologist Issa to go. But he still has “a good laugh at Arafat using the na?ve junior congressman as his own personal food taster.”
Issa also hung out in Syria, the country which sanctions Hezbollah and other terrorist groups, and which allowed Hezbollah to get its explosives through security checkpoints to kill the 241 U.S. Marines.
Issa buddy Arafat provided much of the explosive weaponry and was involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, mining the perimeter of the U.S. embassy in Iran during the hostage crisis, the torture-murders of U.S. Ambassador to Sudan Cleo Noel and Charge D’Affaires George Curtis Moore (the highest ranking black in the U.S. Foreign Service at the time) – beaten so badly authorities couldn’t tell which was black and which was white.
If he sounds familiar, Jihad Darrell is the same congressman who threw a temper tantrum, screaming about profiling, when he showed up an hour late for an Air France flight, with a suspicious one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia, and was refused entry to the already boarded plane. Issa didn’t fool security, but he managed to charm others with his phoniness. Columnist Debra Saunders wrote a whole column, “Ahsan Baig’s Molehill,” lauding Issa for denouncing racial profiling lawsuits and advocating that Arabs “adjust” and make “sacrifices in wartime.” Problem is, at the same time, he was telling every other press source about his plans for new, anti-profiling legislation against airlines, to line Arabs’ and their trial lawyers’ pockets and risk our security.
Many advocate that America emulate Israel in its dealings with terrorism. That’s a great idea, with regard to Issa. Recently, Israel stripped Arab Member of the Israeli Knesset, Azmi Bashara, of his immunity from prosecution for urging the Palestinians to attack Israel and copy Hezbollah, its murders and suicide bombings. Israel is prosecuting Bashara, and we should do the same with the treasonous Issa.
Ironically, Jihad Darrell’s last name, Issa, means “Jesus” in Arabic. But, instead of turning the other cheek in 2002, voters in his 48th district should eagerly mark the ballot for his opponent.

Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel