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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Earl Krugel dedicated his life to fighting racism and hatred, the kind of hatred that was the prominent feature of 9/11.
Let us not forget that the number one target of the Arab Muslim extremists, who are murdering people every day around the globe, is the Jews.
May the Holy One Bless you and may we dedicate our prayers to Earl in memory of his sacrifice.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Here's another letter we received on Earl's earlier Web Site.
(Name withheld per request)

Shalom my beloved brother Earl,
I have never met you but have the same blood in my veins as you. Its called Jewish blood.
I was born of a Swedish Jewish mother and an Austrian father.
You once called me a 'Lion of Judah,' and this was the greatest honor that was ever bestowed upon me by the most magnificent of men. I treasure the words.
I am a member of JDL in Australia.
You are a mensch of heroic stature .
Jewish heroes don't always whack baseballs or make billions of dollars in high-tech or lead troops into battle.
A Jewish hero could be the quiet lady next door who collects winter coats for the homeless. Or it could be Moses. Or a Holocaust survivor. Or a brilliant scholar like Albert Einstein.Or a man of courage and valor who defends our people with his very life, such as you, Earl.
You once said in a letter that you made many mistakes.
Every one of our heroes, with a capital H, had a flaw, Moses, for instance, killed an Egyptian taskmaster who was beating a slave. Abraham lied to Pharaoh about his relationship to Sarah.
In fact, human failings can make heroes more real and approachable. It allows us to emulate you. If you were perfect, you'd be out of our range of emulation.
The prototype of a Jewish hero is a far cry from the figures typically glorified by modern American culture.
In America, we're very much about publicity, about celebrity, about physical strength.
In Jewish culture, as you know, we look at things differently, We look at what they overcame and what they give to humanity. In Judaism, a hero can be measured by such traits as integrity, fortitude, courage and faith.
All of these qualities you possess in abundance.You serve as an example of how one should live his life.
I say a prayer for you daily.
Hashem Ehad

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Captain and the Kid

We received lots of emails at Earl Krugel's previous web site.
We'd like to print some of them
Here's one I liked.

I met Earl at the Men's Federal Correction Center.
I was a Corrections Officer at the jail when Earl first arrived.

The first thing you noticed about him was he had some kind of inner strength, he didn't seem aloof, exactly, but it was like he had, I don't know how to describe it, (I'm not much of a writer) a power that he drew on out of himself.
The first day, during report, one of the other "C.O."s" told me, "That's Earl Krugel, a high profile case, David, he's the West coast Chairman of the Jewish Defense League."

I'd read about the case, of course, and the nickname, "Captain Krugel" popped into my head, so I always called him "Captain."
I found myself drawn to him immediately,
I was having some problems at home, I was separated from my wife, and Earl had a way of reaching out to people.
With all the legal problems he had himself, he spent his time counseling everyone around him, and he reached out to me, as well.

Late one morning I was doing rounds, I made a check next to his name and remarked, in "comments", "studying Bible, no apparent problems, adjusting well."
"How you doing, captain?" I asked.
"I am well," he said, lowering his leather bound Jewish Bible. "And you, David, how are you?"
Although, like I said, I found myself liking Earl immediately, as a trained professional I always did my best to appear impassive while conversing with inmates.
"I'm fine, Captain, just dandy."
He smiled a little and said, "Your words say one thing but your eyes say another."
I looked at him, "You're guessing. But you're right. It's my wife. Last night I went by to see her and there was a man there. I almost lost it. I could have killed the dude."
Earl got up and walked towards me. "There is a strength." he said, a slight smile on his lips.
"What are you talking about, Captain?" I asked.
His right hand shot out through the bars and grasped mine in a gentle yet vise-like grip.
I'd never seen a move that quick, yet I didn't feel threatened.
Something was flowing from him to me.
"Pull your hand away." He said.
I couldn't move.
"It's the strength of our people, our faith and our G-d." He said, and let my hand go.
"Our G-d?" I shot back. "You mean the one who let most of my family be tortured and murdered by the Germans in Europe?"
Earl's eyes were hooded but burning with intensity.
"You seek to know why.
You don't understand, so you turn your back on your faith, your people, your wife, and your
G-d." I started to walk towards the next cell. "Don't preach to me, Convict." I snapped.
Earl had a composure that was unreal.
"You don't understand the birth of a sapling in a Redwood forest. You don't understand the crash of waves on every beach in the world, one after the other. You don't understand the tears in the eyes of a hungry child. You don't understand the explosion of a supernova which pulls solar systems into the void and returns a million verdant planets, so do you now turn your back on the universe?"
I just looked at him.
"Your wife is coming back to you, David. Take her to synagogue, return to our people. Make babies. Be a light to the nations."
I spoke over my shoulder, cynically, "What are you now, Captain, a prophet?"
He grasped his bible from the bed and and gracefully lowered himself onto the floor of the cell, crossing his legs, the Book on his lap. "I am a man, David. A child of G-d, like you."

The next day there was a small riot in the day room. Two black convicts were beating Hell out of some poor white kid.
A phalanx of C.O.s headed towards the scene to break it up.
Earl emerged from a crowd of screaming inmates, grabbed the two black guys, one with each hand, and pulled them off of the kid.
"Enough!" he shouted.
A strange stillness descended over the inmates. The disturbance was over that quick.

Later, during rounds, I stopped by Earl's cell.
"Captain." I nodded, holding my clipboard.
"David." he responded, still sitting in what he later told me was the "Lotus position" on the cement floor.
I looked towards him. "Don't get involved in inmate situations, Captain, that's our job."
He smiled, "As you wish."
Earl stood up and stretched, doing some slow ballet looking martial arts movements.
I went on, "My wife called last night, Captain, she wants to try again."
He detected the joy in my voice.
" A man and a woman. Two people, one flesh. Treasure her, my young friend."

Earl and I grew closer over the years. I was relieved, though saddened, when he was sentenced and assigned to what was considered a "nice" prison, as prisons go.
I went to wish him well as they called his name to roll up, but was called to another wing for an issue over there.
I almost missed him.
I trotted back to Earl's cellblock and saw him for what was to be the last time.
"Captain, Captain!" I yelled as Earl headed down the stairway, a saint like expression on his handsome face.
I broke and ran as he looked back vaguely in my direction.
In a minute he'd be gone and I'd never see him again.
I caught him as he stepped off of the metal stairway and put my hand on his arm.
He turned around and looked at me.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
"What?" he asked, softly.
"Good luck." I said, and hugged him fiercely.

They took him away and I never got to see him again, but I will never forget that remarkable man.

Nor will we, David.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

We Need Answers

"Earl had tremendous inner strength. His words are a reminder that Earl was locked up physically but not mentally. He maintained his dignity and pride until the very end. "Rich Miller

"At Earl's sentencing, a Muslim cleric requested that Earl be given the maximum sentence. Why? Because the cleric believed that Earl was a serious threat to all Muslims. As events have unfolded, it was Earl who was in serious threat of receiving bodily harm. There is no doubt that Earl was murdered. However, there are doubts in regards to the investigation surrounding Earl's death. " Rich Miller

The American people have the right to know who sanctioned this martyrdom

As Tzemach Atlas of Mental wrote:
First there was a post 9/11 FBI sting against JDL (see Irv Rubin - Wiki). They were eager to find a phantom threat while they (the FBI) missed the biggest terrorist plot in the worldĂ‚’s history. FBI "uncovered" a plan to bomb a mosque and a Lebanese-American congressman offices in LA. Earl Krugel and Irv Rubin were arrested after an FBI operative (Danny Gillis, who allegedly struck a deal with FBI to lighten his own criminal sentence) delivered explosives to Krugel's home in L.A. Three years ago Irv Rubin died in prison under mysterious circumstances, authorities say Rubin slashed his neck with a prison-issued razor blade and jumped 18 feet over a railing at a federal detention center in LA. Irv's friends called it a murder. See JDL: Today We Lost a True Hero. In September of this year IrvĂ‚’s codefendant Earl Krugel was sentenced to 20 years. Past Friday Earl Krugel was murdered in a federal prison in Arizona. ABC News: JDL Member Imprisoned in Bomb Plot Killed. ABC reports that Krugel pleaded guilty in 2003 to one count of conspiracy to violate the civil rights of worshippers at the mosque and one count of carrying an explosive device in connection with a conspiracy to impede or injure an office of the United States. Despite the plea, he was sentenced in September to 20 years in prison. The reasons for the collapse of an initial plea agreement were sealed, despite a lawsuit by news organizations, including The Associated Press, to make the details public. Why government secrecy in the case? Two Jews, defendants in the case engineered by the FBI were allegedly murdered in the federal custody. Are therAryanlim or Arian Brotherhood gangs targeting Jews in the federal prisons? There should be a full investigation. P.S. Will this story again fly under the radar of the official Jewish establishment?
posted by Tzemach Atlas at 7:24 AM

The Jewish Journal's Jim Crogan, wrote:

Almost nine months after the brutal prison-yard slaying of Earl Krugel, the longtime No. 2 man in the Jewish Defense League (JDL), federal authorities have indicted an inmate with no apparent ties to Krugel.
The suspect, David Frank Jennings, 30, allegedly attacked Krugel from behind with a piece of concrete hidden in a bag while Krugel was using an exercise machine at a federal prison in Phoenix.
The indictment, issued by a federal grand jury on July 19, offers neither details nor motive, asserting that Jennings "with premeditation and malice aforethought willfully kill[ed] and murder[ed] Earl Leslie Krugel."
Jennings is the only person charged in the killing, which took place in plain view. Authorities contend that Jennings acted alone.
"He was the only one charged. There was no conspiracy," said Ann Harwood, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's office in Phoenix, Authorities would say little else, including anything about the motive of the alleged killer, a small-time repeat offender with nothing in his rap sheet to suggest either this level of violence or any particular animosity toward the 62-year-old Krugel.
Krugel had been transferred to the Federal Corrections Institute (FCI) Phoenix, a medium security prison, just three days before the assault. To date, there is no indication that Krugel and Jennings knew each other. "My husband was brutally murdered just a few days after he was sent to that prison," Lola Krugel said. "He wasn't there long enough to make any deadly enemies."
At the time of the attack on Krugel, Jennings was serving a 70-month sentence at FCI Phoenix for a 2003 bank robbery in Las Vegas, which netted him $1,040. Because Jennings had threatened the teller during the robbery, authorities eventually extended his plea bargain sentence from 63 months to 70 months.
Jennings, who lived in Oregon before moving to Nevada, has multiple convictions, but court records reviewed by The Journal did not indicate any association with racist or anti-Semitic groups in or out of prison.
In 1993,Jennings was convicted in Oregon on an Assault III charge; a "class C" state felony, which resulted in an 18-month state prison sentence. In 1994 he was arrested and convicted for unauthorized use of a vehicle and sentenced to six months in jail. In 1995, a probation violation cost him another six months.
He had apparently moved to Nevada by 1996. That same year he was arrested and pleaded guilty to state charges of grand larceny and unlawful possession of a credit card, for which he received a sentence of 16 to 72 months in state prison.
Krugel was transferred to the Phoenix facility to serve out the balance of a 20-year sentence, following his negotiated guilty plea to conspiracy, weapons and explosives charges. The high-profile case against Krugel and the JDL involved an abortive bombing plot against possible targets that included a Culver City mosque and the field office of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista), an Arab-American of Lebanese descent.
A fitness fanatic, Krugel was using exercise equipment when he was blind-sided between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Nov. 4, 2005. Details of the assault did not emerge in previous reports; a review of the autopsy depicts a vicious attack.
His main injury was the initial blow to the back of his head, which crushed the left side of his skull and severely damaged his brain and brain stem. But his attacker also delivered multiple blows to Krugel's skull, face and neck, according to the autopsy, which was performed by the Maricopa County medical examiner and obtained by The Journal. Krugel suffered multiple skull fractures, internal bleeding and multiple lacerations to his head, face and brain. The beating knocked out teeth and also fractured one of his eye sockets. Krugel was pronounced dead at the scene.
His death marked the violent end, in prison, for both local leaders of an organization that advocated the use of violence, as necessary, in defending the interests of Jews. JDL head Irv Rubin died in 2002, at 57, from injuries he suffered after jumping or falling from a railing inside the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles. Authorities ruled Rubin's death a suicide, though family members contested that finding. Krugel, a dental technician by trade, was Rubin's longtime close friend and second-in-command.
Krugel and Rubin were arrested in late 2001. They were accused, in the months following the Sept. 11 terrorist strikes, of plotting violent revenge against Muslims and Arabs. No attack was carried out. Krugel spent four years in federal lock-up in Los Angeles. It was the resolution of his case, with the guilty plea to reduced charges, that landed him in Phoenix.
Lola Krugel said she's relieved that someone has finally been charged in her husband's murder. But she and Krugel's sister, Linda, both expressed frustration and anger over the time it took to make an arrest, as well as the FBI's unwillingness to share information with the family.
"He did it right there in the open," said Lola Krugel, referring to the attacker. "There had to be witnesses and cameras. So why did it take so long for them to charge this man?"
The delay was not foot-dragging but a desire to get it right, said Patrick Snyder, assistant U.S. Attorney in charge of the criminal division in the Phoenix office: "Since the murder occurred in prison, we know the assailant is already in custody. So we're not under the same kind of time pressure to make an arrest that we are when a killer is still at large."
Lola Krugel filed a wrongful-death claim against the federal government in February, which has since been denied. The family says it's now preparing to file a civil lawsuit. The rejected claim had asked for $10 million for personal injury and $10 million for Krugel's wrongful death.
"It's an 'outrage figure,'" said family attorney Benjamin Schonbrun, a partner in the Venice-area firm of Schonbrun, DeSimone, Seplow, Harris and Hoffman. "A figure to illustrate the outrage Lola Krugel feels over the murder of her husband, plus the anger she felt over her inability to get any information from the government."

The staff of Earl Krugel Chai share this outrage.

Earl once said, "What happens to me is of little importance. What is important to me is that all people, including the Jewish people, have the right to life and freedom from persecution.
Jews were beaten on the campus of UCLA, no arrests, no investigation, no hate-mongers were imprisoned.
I say to all with ears to hear, Never Again."
This Mensch, this latter day David, will not be forgotten, and his battle is ultimately the battle we all must wage in our own way.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Baruch HaShem

Earl never once complained about the evil treatment he received at the hands of a rogue government.
He talked about his love for the Yehudim, and his family, and his many supporters.
Although surrounded by Nazis and Muslims Earl showed no fear at all during his imprisonment at MDC.
It took a coward to sneak up from behind him to take his life.
Earl is a martyr and a Jewish Hero.
History will remember him as such.
Baruch HaShem

Friday, August 04, 2006, the web site, is gone.
The Webmaster was framed and incarcerated,
but the memory of Earl Krugel, OBM, lives on.
Below are some of the slanders directed against

While Meir Kahane founded the JDL in New York in 1968, Irv Rubin brought the group to the west coast some time after. Two of his intimates were the brothers, Earl and Barry Krugel. Someone has started an Earl Krugel website in order to frame him as a Jewish hero and martyr.

Curious that there are no news reports when you search the name "Earl Krugel". There is, however, a website run in his name. Whilst searching I noticed that the old JDL site - - has been suspended so maybe that was their last gasp.

. Regardless of how idolized Krugel was (is he as great an American hero as convicted spy Jonathan Pollard?) by the extreme Jewish population within the U.S., the press shou

Earl Krugel Chai!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shortly after 911 the FBI, in response to criticism by the Arab antidefamitionn league, claimed that the feds were not being
even handed in their hunt for terrorists, i.e., onlyArab terrorists were being arrested.
After a spatter of Jew beatings on the UCLA campus by Arabs affiliated with the King Faud Mosque in L.A., the FBI recruited an informer to agitate Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel into some type of illegal response.
Although reluctant to commit any crimes, both men, having lost family in the Holocaust, tentatively agreed to perform some type of minor, non lethal response to show the Arabs that such behavior, e.i.,Jew bashing, would not go unnoticed.
Danny Gillis, in the employ of the FBI, purchased explosives and delivered them to the home of Earl Krugel (OBM) who was immediately arrested and charged with terrorists acts.
Earl was placed in solitary confinement and tortured for two months.
After two years in jail he was forced to accept a plea agreement that amounted to life in prison without parole.
The day he arrived in prison he was murdered , although a mentally deficient patsy did the deed itself. wrote
The prison system in America protects pedophiles, murderers, rapists and…you guessed it, Islamic terrorists. When it comes to Jews, they turn their backs. Of course Jews represent the smallest minority in the prison system. That’s due to the fact that 99.9% of Jewish people are law abiding citizens that have done more good for society than any other group of human beings. They represent success, intelligence and more. They are are threat to many because of this. Jealousy, intolerance etc.manifest among the morons that can’t see their own feet because of a fat beer gut. Are people afraid to have Jews living on their street because they don’t want too many doctors in the neighborhood? Ever hear of Shabbas services in a prison? I’m sure The Nation of Islam has carved a nitch for themselves in the prisons of America because they recruit there as well.

I have over two hundred letters from Earl Krugeland Irv Rubin in prison, stay tuned for this in the next few installments.

Who paid the alledged killer? Why the delay in apphrehension?What was the gov'ts involvement?

Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel