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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Livni: No Agreements With Terrorists

Earl Krugel would be so proud of Israel and the IDF today.
They are standing proud and fighting for the survival of the Jewish People, which was Earl's life.
Michael Blackburn, Sr.

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told foreign ambassadors in Israel on Thursday that Israel's campaign in Gaza is part of the international effort against terrorism. She told the ambassadors not to equate Israel with the jihadist Hamas terrorist organization.
Speaking with the ambassadors at the Foreign Ministry's humanitarian aid command center, Livni said that Operation Cast Lead is a "struggle... against terror and it cannot end in agreements with it. In order for there to be quiet here one must defeat it, not come to any arrangement with it."
Addressing the specific possibility of negotiations with Hamas, the Foreign Minister said, "Don't expect that we will find a way to create an agreement with Hamas. It won't happen. The only agreements we can make are among us against terrorism. This war we are waging is part of the war waged by the international community throughout the world and I expect of you not to equate us with Hamas."
The immediate benefit of the Gaza campaign, Livni explained is that it made it "clear" to Hamas that "the equation has changed. Until now they attacked us and now they understand that when they attack us, we respond and will not accept a situation in which our citizens are under attack."
Unlike Hamas, Foreign Minister Livni noted that "Israel makes a distinction between Hamas and the civilian population and believes in the need to allow humanitarian aid to reach the [Gaza] Strip. When we open the humanitarian corridors, Hamas shoots." The jihadist regime in Gaza "takes advantage of the desire to assist the Palestinian population and commits its terrorism from among that population. Israel attempts, in its operations, to avoid harming civilians, but in a war like this, unfortunately, there are those who pay the price for Hamas hiding behind the population."

Monday, January 05, 2009

How Is Hamas Different From the Nazis?

How Is Hamas Different From the Nazis?
The Nazis controlled a modern, civilized nation.
The Germans were well educated.
Less than 70% of adult Arabs are literate.
Like Hamas, the the Nazis were bent on extermination of the Jewish People, the Nazis, however were willing to fight pitched battles against armed soldiers, the Hamas criminals prefer murdering women, children and unarmed civilians.
When Nazis were overwhelmed, they still protected women and children, Hamas uses women and babies as human shields.
Don't misunderstand what we are saying, the Nazis were evil, they turned murder into assembly line killing.
But Hamas is actually lower, more despicable and far more cowardly.
Like the Nazis, they need to be removed from society as the blight they are.

Michael Blackburn

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